Sunday, May 16, 2010

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Seems acurate to me :).

Sunday, November 1, 2009


So this is my first post. Also this is was my first outing on Halloween. Really wasn't an outing, just went to friends house and watched movies. However, it's been a long time since I've been out "dressed" and she had never seen me, nor did she know I was showing up dressed. I didn't have time to do my hair and make-up right (just some hairspray and red lip-gloss and light eyeshadow and blush) as it was a last minuet get-together (2 hours) and spontaneous decision to go like this (a week and 2 hours). She had mentioned getting everyone we hang out with together for Halloween and I should dress up the week before, but no one wanted to get together and it was kind of jokingly said. Well she called and asked if I wanted to come have dinned and watch movies, which I did and right there decided I was going to show up dressed since none of our friends were coming (most know I crossdress, none care or would care, I just choose not to shock the guys.....yet). So it took me a couple hours to get my outfit together (and get the nerve to wear it), bath, shave, etc. I also took a bag with extra outfits just in case this was a little to risky (one never knows with first impressions). The outfit I wore was a short plaid skirt with a white blouse, white knee high socks, white 3" chunk heal shoes and white satin panties and bra set. I had 2 fairly conservative outfits as well as one other not so conservative (it was more to show off). I was running late for the time I had said I would be there so as I said before, my hair and make-up suffered, but I figured it was OK as I wasn't actually being seen in public so I didn't have to really pass (just would have been nice). So I arrived and she was at the door to let me in and started laughing (in a good way, that helped me relax, like only a best friend can) and said "that is freak'n awesome!". Once inside we talked and I had told her that if this outfit was to trashy or risky or just bothered her, I could change (what can I say, I was nervous), and she said she had no problems with it or me, "as long as I was comfortable in it". Of course she still had to see what I brought and there was one "special" outfit that she liked and thought was "precious", the maid uniform (pics in next post). After going through my things and discussing my bags, make-up and shoes, we ate and what has my best friend from the mid-west made...kielbasas, which, as she was all to happy to point out, made me look more than a little "slutty" eating with my red painted lips. After that we watched a movie and she said she needed to take care of something upstairs so could I do her a favor. Well of course, I would do anything for her (or any of my friends) she asked me to put her dishes away, clean the counter and put the dirty dishes from tonight into the dishwasher (clean the kitchen)...."oh and would you be a cutie and wear your maid uniform too". How can I say no (why would I want to), so I changed as fast as possible , she did yell at me to be faster (odd), changed my outfit, panties, bra (demi-bra helps me keep the forms it with the outfit without glue), put on some black fishnets and black 3" block heals and did as asked. She didn't seem to have that much to do upstairs as I was just getting started with the requested "favor" when she was done. She had a few comments and "suggestions" for me while I did my chores and I had to re-do some cleaning as it did not meet her specifications. Once I had done as asked we were going to watch one other movie so she "patted" my bottom (which startled me) and said "why don't you go put your plaid skirt outfit back on my little princess" (where is this coming from, she's called me "princess" before, but this is just odd.....and exciting). So I do and when I come back out she has changed also, she is wearing what she said is part of an old witches costume that included boots, corset and a dress (what the hell). Of course I'm getting excited and with things "tucked" trying not to show it. She next tells me "before the movie, you have to pay for not doing your chores correctly young lady" (huh). She asks me to come into the kitchen (she was standing next to the island just in the kitchen), but just as I get to the edge of the kitchen she grabs my are and spins me around (with how nervous I was, and excited, it wasn't hard) and pushes me over the back of her couch which is just outside of the kitchen. Now I'm completely shocked and taken by surprise, and she tells me to open my mouth as she leans across me. I'm just dumb founded and don't do anything. When I don't open up, she proceeds to spank me with a wooden spoon (which I didn't see she had before) on my pantied butt as my short skirt that has been pushed up to my waist now. Well that hurt like hell and I yelled and got something stuffed in my mouth. At that point I was told that it was MY OWN PANTIES which I had just taken off with the maids uniform (I apparently had just dropped them at the couch with the uniform when she grabbed me). She then told me she can't have me making loud noises and disturbing the neighbors and she sure didn't want to use anything of hers in my mouth so this was the best idea. Next she told me that I needed to learn that when I'm told to do a job I better do it right and proceeded to paddle me with the spoon. Now she didn't really hit me hard, but still, it hurt damn it and I was crying by the time she was done and very, very excited (why is that). She let me up and told me to get myself straited up and sit back down on the floor in front of the tv for the movie. So I went into the bathroom and took care of myself and came back out and tried to sit where I was told. She had put my maids outfit away for me and was back upstairs. She came back down in her "normal" clothes again and told me I could sit on a pillow and threw one to me with "Princess" on it that was pink and silver (her nickname also), she also thew me a little blanket and said it was to be a Christmas present for someone back home, but now it's mine to be kept at her's a Barbie blanket. She got us ice cream and we watch the movie (Aliens vs. Monsters) with me sitting in front of the tv in my Barbie blanket on my Princess pillow in my little skirt outfit. Afterwords I thanked her for an incredible night and letting me "just show up as I was" and drove home.

My plaid skirt outfit that I wore to and from my friends house.

The maid uniform I wore for the "favor"